A Simple webpage to show my friends where I am located outside of Arendal City in south part of Norway on Hisøy Island Population about 5000 People
Only Radio Operators Can Add Me 73s 51 to all

I can be contacted by email  Norwayir@gmail.com  

Webpage was created th'1 of March 2015 copyright Sverre Jr. 20IR107

Nidelven around Hisøy Island

Hisøy church

Flødevigen Hisøy

Tower of Hisøy Island

The Island i Love HISØY ISLAND

Stølsvigen Hisøy


Jeg er en paragraf. Klikk her for å legge til din egen tekst og endre på meg. Jeg er en god plass der du kan fortelle din historie og la dine besøkende vite litt mer om deg.

www.clusterdx.com for 11 meter


Make your account with us on www.clusterdx.com 
Its free to use for 11 meter band radio operator's   www.clusterdx.com   
Enjoy 11 meter radio together with us radio operators from all over the world

What is Clusterdx ? Take a look at the Video 

You can also download free software as log program by Yalog 1.4.1 www.yalog.net  Easy to use and can even be use in different ways save log or even save and spot into www.clusterdx.com   if you have your account there with us all just remember its free to use for all 11 meter band user ( Have fun join us ) 

Service Aurora :


Your distance from Rx QTH to Tx Station

VOACAP11 : http://www.voacap.com/cb/

NASA Jet Real-Time Ionospheric Maps :


Other links will soon come 


HISØY Island against Havsøy and Torungen Lighthouse South part of Norway Locator JO48JJ

The lighthouse in Sandvigen outside Arendal in South part of Norway
Locator JO48JK

Tromøy Island is Locator JO48KL

Around Hisøy Island on a Helicopter Trip (Not my video)

Driving in Norway in winter time (Not my Video)

Hisøy Island against Arendal City On the Left side and Tromøy Island EU061 On the right side

Radio Log program for 11 meter radio
This is a free software and works fantastic


Friends list : https://56at116.webnode.fi/links-/ 

Driving Trollstigen in Thunder Storm (Not my Video) If you like driving mountain In Norway LOOK here first

Its about Microphones and radios so look at the end