Just a small page to show where i am located

A Simple webpage to show my friends where I am located outside of Arendal City in south part of Norway on Hisøy Island Locator JO48ik  Population about 5000 People
Only Radio Operators Can Add Me 73s 51 to all

I can be contacted by email  20SD847@ONLINE.NO  

Webpage was created th'1 of March 2015 copyright Sverre Jr. 20SD847 & 20TRC020 & KP347

New QSL in the print in September 2019
Design by Stephane with direct link to design facebook

Nidelven around Hisøy Island

Hisøy church

Flødevigen Hisøy

Tower of Hisøy Island

The Island i Love HISØY ISLAND

Stølsvigen Hisøy

HISØY Island against Havsøy and Torungen Lighthouse South part of Norway Locator JO48JJ
North East of Hisøy has locator JO48JK South West has locator JO48ik where I live

Hisøy Island on the map in Norway


HISØY Island against Havsøy and Torungen Lighthouse South part of Norway Locator JO48JJ

Hisøy Island was one of the most wealthy community in the whole Norway until 1992 in days before Arendal Community made it all to one big community Arendal and Merged Hisøy Island into one big community Arendal :(   ( no words ....) 

Hisøy Island has 3 Locators JO48JJ for the Island as Torungen Lighthouses outside of Hisøy Island that have belong to our Hisøy Island way back in the history
JO48JK for the North east coast of this Island and JO48ik on the south west coast of Hisøy Island and I live on the south west coast of our Island JO48ik

Hisøy Island was one was among the richest municipalities in all of Norway even it was a small Island and a small community in Norway After new roules in Norway Hisøy Island was Merged into the community of Arendal city who was a very poor community at at that time and Hisøy Island was forced and merged into the community of Arendal cty as it was new roules all over Norway that all smaller communities should be added into the bigger cities and thats story 

Hisøy is a former municipality in Aust-Agder county, Norway. The 10-square-kilometre (3.9 sq mi) municipality existed from 1881 until 1992 when it was merged into the municipality of Arendal. At the time of its dissolution, it was the smallest municipality in the whole county. The municipality encompassed the islands of Hisøya, Gjervoldsøy, Havsøya, Ærøya, Store Torungen, Lille Torungen, and several other small, unpopulated islands. The administrative centre was the village of Kolbjørnsvik on Hisøya island. Hisøy Church was the main church for the municipality, located in the village of His in the central part of Hisøya.

 Here is a few program you can use to find your locator also  http://k7fry.com/grid/?qth 

Around Hisøy Island on a Helicopter Trip (Not my video)

Hisøy Island against Arendal City On the Left side and Tromøy Island EU061 On the right side

Tromøy Island is Locator JO48KL

The lighthouse in Sandvigen outside Arendal in South part of Norway
Locator JO48JK

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Movie by 20LV003 Kris in West Part Of Norway

Thanks to 20LV003 Kris for showing us the west part of West Norway in this movie

Driving Trollstigen in Thunder Storm (Not my Video) If you like driving mountain In Norway LOOK here first

Driving in Norway in winter time (Not my Video)